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Student loan debt can be a crippling byproduct of higher education which occurs at a time when the financial portfolio of young professionals is at it's most vulnerable. The world school derives from the Greek scholē, which means "leisure". It was originally conceived as a moratorium from the hardships of life that would allow students to explore and learn as they pleased.

Today, higher education has diverged from this original intent, and student loan debt in some ways epitomizes this. Our job market too often leaves recent graduates to fend for themselves in a competitive landscape, while their student loan debt looms and grows in the background. It is very, very common for this debt to reach an unmanageable threshold. When this occurs, we'll guide you to relief.

What can you do?

The debt from student loans is seldom alone. Many times, those who find themselves in a student loan hole and forced to rely upon credit cards and other loans to keep afloat. The situation you are in is uniquely yours, and in 35 years of practice I have not come across two identical cases.

The best avenue towards overcoming your student loan debts is to setup a consultation with a trusted professional who can take a comprehensive look at your situation and make a plan of action. If you choose to use our services, this consultation will be 100% free and without any obligation.

What about Student Loan lawsuits?

If you are being sued on a student loan DO NOT IGNORE IT! If you can't pay the balance of the lawsuit then do not worry, a good lawyer can and will get you out of a lawsuit with a significantly reduced settlement or compensation package. Once again, the quality of your representation is paramount in insuring you aren't paying thousands or tens of thousands more than necessary.

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