Orange County Adoption

Adopting a child in Orange County can be an exciting and time-consuming process. We represent both parents seeking to adopt a child, as well as parents voluntarily placing their child up for adoption. Regardless of your situation, we'll work you through it step-by-step.

Adopting a child

If you intend on adopting a child, then the first step is to determine whether or not you qualify. The application process entails a number of background checks, all of which we will work through together. In the event that it is the surrogate mother who wishes to place the child up for adoption, and necessary part of the process will be obtaining consent from the biological father. This includes determining whether or not the father intends to be a part of the child's life in any capacity.
On the other end of the adoption process is a hearing, in which we will advocate on your behalf. Sometimes the biological father will contest to the adoption. In these situations we will represent you and your ability to care for this child to the highest degree.

Placing a child up for adoption

Parents who are placing their child up for adoption may also benefit greatly from a legal advocate during this difficult time. It's important to understand both the rights you have in this process along with the responsibilities that you may potentially be held accountable for under the law.

Something to note is that California Law states we may only represent one of the parents that is placing the child up for adoption. At the Law Offices of Larry Bellomo, we understand that this is a very delicate and emotional process. We will put our experience to work protecting both you and your child throughout this process.

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