Child Custody

Laguna Hills child custody attorney Larry Bellomo has been dedicated to helping clients in their custody battles for over 37 years. We are now offering all potential Orange County clients a 100% free, no obligation consultation at our office located conveniently near to the I-5 in Laguna Hills.

Child custody battles arise when a separation or divorceoccurs or becomes imminent between a couple with one or more children. In situations that warrant escalation to court (and when a custody agreement cannot be reached) a comprehensive evaluation of both parties circumstances by a mediator will be used to determine who is best fit to care for the child or children, and to what extent the other party will have visitation rights.

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Your Child Custody battle is decided based upon your attorney's ability to demonstrate:
  • The level that you are fit to care for your child(ren)
  • The physical and mental competency state of each parent
  • The relationship each parent has with the child(ren)

The child custody attorney you choose to guide you will be pivotal in determining the parent best fit for physical custody (the party who the child physically lives with) and legal custody (the party in charge of making legal decisions in respect to medical needs, educations, etc). As a veteran of the field, Larry has shown time and again his prowess to this end, consistently attaining for his clients the result that is best for the child.

Orange County Child Custody attorney Lawrence P. Bellomo handles an assortment of cases of this nature. Some of these include:
  • Modifications
  • Joint Custody (Including True Joint 50/50 custody)
  • Issues related to moving or relocation
  • Court-ordered mediation
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